Foods for all Moods

At The Rock, we believe in using fresh, quality ingredients for everything we make. So what is it that makes us so special? Well for starters, we use a custom made wood-fired oven. We believe that our ovens give us that extra flavor and quality when making our classic creations. While the cooking surface of our ovens is between 500-600 degrees, the upper chamber of the oven can reach over 900 degrees. The heat produced is very dry, which is perfect for quickly sealing in flavors and juices. We use almond wood in the ovens for two important reasons: the dense hard wood creates more heat, while also imparting a sweet fruity aroma.

What about the hand-tossed pizza dough?
First of all, hand-tossing dough is just cool to watch, but there is way more to it than that! By tossing the dough, we are able to stretch it without breaking or compressing the air pockets that form during the fermenting process. The end result is relaxed dough that stretches easier, and cooks fuller, with more texture. Its contact with the hot cooking surface of the ovens helps to bring out the natural sugars in the flour and create a golden brown crust.

Make sure you check out the menu in your specific area, as we are always listening to your feedback and working to improve our hit menu!

And for those who want to know the nutritional values, we will have an updated version soon!